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ADN is equipped with a broad range of machinery to clean carpets, there is many methods to clean carpet such as; hot water extraction(carpet steam clean), absorbent compound(dry cleaning), bonnet cleaning, carpet shampooing and encapsulation.

The most effective method that we believe and that we mainly use is the carpet steam clean but with the knowledge and training our technicians have they will sometimes mix methods to get a better result.

How our team will professionally clean your carpets?

1.Pre-treating the carpet


Our team have been trained to follow our procedure on steam cleaning carpets to achieve the best results. An essential step before jumping to steam cleaning your carpet will be to vacuum beforehand. This helps to remove excess soil that is hidden within the fibres.


Then the technician will proceed to scan for any stains the carpet may have and depending on what caused the stain such as liquids, tinted greasy foods, bodily waste, etc.… The technician will treat the stain with the correct solution to attempt the removal of the stain. Please bare in mind some stains are very difficult to remove and may have penetrated the fibers so deep that may have done permanent damage.


To finish the pre-treatment of our technician will spray a solution that is mixed 1:80 parts water.


2.Commencing the cleaning procedure


The main cleaning procedure and can be explained in two simple steps.

  • The machine has built in pressurised water mixed with our solution, which is applied directly to the fibers

  • At the same time our amazing suction power will extract the built up dirt and moisture.

With the above combination we achieve to deep clean your carpets and reducing the drying time with powerful suction our machine has.



3.Drying time



After the procedure has been followed step-by-step all that is left is to let the carpets dry. This generally takes 4-6 hours to allow it to dry on its own. We recommend the windows to be left opened to allow ventilation.


If you would like to reduce the drying time our team have an air mover that helps to reduce the drying time. Please let us know and we can provide the fan for you to keep for a day at an extra cost.

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F & Qs

A. it's the company insured?

Yes, ADN is fully insured company.

B. Can you remove stains from the carpet?

The effectiveness of the stain removal products depends on what caused the stain. However, in most cases, we can clean even old stains without leaving a trace. Although not 100% of the spots can be cleaned, we will do our best to remove them from your carpet.

C. What kind of chemicals do the carpet cleaning experts use?

The chemicals are professional-grade and cannot be purchased at a regular store. We use a variety of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, and stain protection detergents that have been thoroughly tested over time and consistently deliver excellent results. Furthermore, they eliminate 99 % of known bacteria and germs, ensuring a clean environment.


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