End of Tenancy

Get your deposit back with a company that are experts in move out  cleaning in London.



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4 day re-clean GURANTEE

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Detailed inventory check approved by agencies

Trained cleaners specially for end of tenancy

Fully equipped Teams 

The ADN team take pride in offering our costumers a high-quality end of tenancy cleaning,  The ADN team have helped thousands of clients to obtain their deposits back with our end of tenancy deep clean service. Starting from the admin team who will help to tailor the service required, to the cleaning professionals who will meet your expectations.

No need to worry about supplying products, as our teams are fully equipped to perform to a professional standard.

The ADN cleaners are specially trained in end of tenancy/ moveout cleaning. With remarkable results we offer a 4 day guarantee for end of tenancies. Which means e.g. if you or the holder is not satisfied with your end of tenancy, we can always go back to rectify the issues, for free of charge.( this is strange to happen but we cover any possibility)

We assure that our cleaners perform in every area of the flat, including vacuum and dusting all rooms, cleaning all windows inside, mirror, removal of cobwebs, dust removal, cleaning inside and outside kitchen cupboard and all appliances, oven, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, cleaning and descaling of sink and taps, shower screen, curtains, skirting board, cleaning all flooring, hobs etc. This means all areas of the flat will be cleaned at a very effective standard. Assuring the client leaves content with the result.

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F & Qs

A. Does the company provide cleaning materials and equipment?

Yes, our ADN team is equipped with all the necessary materials and equipment to perform at its best.

B. Do you provide any guarantee on my services?

Yes, we offer 4 days re-clean guarantee for our end of tenancy service. 

C. Do I have to defrost my fridge/Freezer f?

Yes, please defrost at least 24 hours before your cleaning to ensure we can work to our full potential. If not defrosted we will have to charge an extra fee of £50 or we will not do the fridge.

D. How many cleaners will ADN send to clean my property?

This depends on the size of your property. ADN Cleaning will send a minimum of 2 cleaning operatives and a maximum of 6 cleaners. 

E. Do you clean the Oven?

Yes, your oven will be professionally deep cleaned. 

F. Does the company pay for congestion charge if I live in the Congestion Charge Zone?

If you live within the congestion charge zone our company will NOT cover the fee. Please make us aware if you do live within the congestion charge zone and we will include it on to your invoice. 

G. Is the cleaning company responsible for collecting and disposing of large amounts of rubbish or furniture.

Our company have a strict rule with rubbish disposal, we allow only up to 1 rubbish bag. If our employees gather more that our permitted we will notify you immediately and ask you how you would like to proceed.

H. Do I need to be present during the clean?

No, you don't need to be present during the clean. The end of tenancy could take some where between 4 to  7  hours. 

I. Could you collect the keys from the agency?

Yes, we can pick up the keys from the agency.

J. Would I have any extra charges?

No, our prices our competitive and we provide fix quotations for our services assuming the property had had a decent maintenance but if the property is in a terrible conditions e.g. abandoned property or rust inside your toilet seat  we might charge extra.


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